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Dr. Who is Everywhere

Yup, it’s true. Dr. Who has been on my mind (though it hasn’t blown up this time) and every Monday, Wednesday and Friday I seem to discover him in some new medium. Sadly, the first time I heard about Dr. Who was this summer when my friend Laura (who seems to be popping up on all my posts…) talked about what television show she has been watching lately. So before we discussed Dr. Who extensively in class, I already knew about Dr. Who’s amazing-ness from a 3rd party.

Although I loved getting to know Dr. Who, the worst way to get to know him is through the radio show. His British accent is difficult to understand when lunch is approaching and the story keeps switching to different view points. Really, the story is interesting but it’s so hard to follow. One easier way to digest the Dr. Who radio show would be to listen to it in 15-30 minute increments, take a quick caffeine break and get back into it. Also, I kept on glancing over at the projector screen of the face of Dr. Who thinking that he had moved his lips or the screen had changed. Once I figured out that I was staring at the same photo I missed a bit of the dialogue. The radio show wasn’t has suspenseful either, I just wasn’t scared like I was when I watched an TV episode of Dr. Who. The concept of the story was interesting but it didn’t tell the story like I’m normally used to. Also, the British have a different style of storytelling than the Americans do. Whereas we rely more on gags and over dramatic plots, the British stories that I’ve seen are much more sarcastic and subtle. This makes it much harder to understand when I’m used to the typical boisterous American TV shows.

However, Dr. Who the TV show is fantastic. I loved watching the episode “Blink” and I was sitting at the edge of my seat clasping Lindsay’s hand the entire time. Even though the graphics were pretty cheap looking (hence the photo) I was still really frightened by everything. I enjoyed the complexity of the storyline but I could see the sequential plot that’s used in most of the other episodes. Dr. Who reminded me a lot of House, even though the story within each episode is complex, the series itself isn’t. I could watch 10 episodes of Dr. Who a day and probably never get bored with them.

When I read the comic book of Dr. Who, the one thing I was most fascinated about was the style or art in the comic book. Instead of the classic solid paint style seen in most comic books (like Scott McCloud) Dr. Who is colored in this beautiful, fluid watercolor. It creates a really intense picture and makes it more sci-fi. The story itself was good, but not quite as entertaining as the television series and not as boring as the radio series. I would read more of them if that meant I could look at all the pretty pictures. And who can argue with philosophical cybermen? They were just plain funny. The last strip just made my heart weep with joy over

The computer game, Blood of the Cybermen was beyond fun. It was a little slow, hard to maneuver everything but it was so much fun. I think that also had to do with playing with Erica and putting the volume way up and laughing every time we got a Jelly Belly card. Video games and I go way back but ever since I got into college and didn’t bring my game systems with me I haven’t been into them as much lately. So whenever I get the chance to play a game for school, I jump at the chance (Planetfall, I am so excited for you). I liked being a part of the story as it unfolds. Even though figuring everything out is pretty easy, it was cool to think that it was I who created the story and not the people at BBC. The story itself wasn’t all that interesting but hey, I get to push big slabs of ice and kill cybermen with steam.


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