Me and My Story

Hey! ┬áIf you’re reading this, you’re probably in my Transmedia Storytelling with Delwiche earning yourself a few cool points in my book. My name is Emily Gray, I am a senior at Trinity University. I study Art History and Communication and one day I would like to have a job that supports my unhealthy obsession with expensive sports. I cycle, run and occasionally swim (I have a triathlon in ATX next week, pray that I don’t drown) and when I’m at my home in Katy, Texas I rock climb at the gym or I travel over to Austin to climb outdoors. At the moment, I am applying for a bike ride called the Ride:Well Tour that raises money for clean water in Africa. If I get accepted, that’s probably all you’ll hear about from me (oh wait, that’s all I talk about anyways…).

I love stories. In my early years I was that nerd that wore ugly pink glasses who walked to the bus with her nose stuck in a book. That led me to a love of history and senior year of high school I took my first art history class, fell in love and now that’s what I want to immerse my life into. One of my obsessions is animation- I love animated films and cartoons and unless you’re paying for my movie I probably won’t go see an un-animated film (I’d rather rent it).

Another thing that I consider important is not only reading good stories but living them. I get bored and frustrated easily and I rarely sit still and rest. However, that means I get burned out a lot so it takes me a while to process my own life and what’s going on. Hopefully this class will allow me to understand the world’s different stories as well as reflect what’s going on with my own story.

Oh yeah, the name of this blog contains my nickname “EmGray.” You may call me that.


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