5 Things that I’m feeling in Minneapolis

Hello dear friends!

I just recently moved to Minneapolis a few months ago and am interning at Venture Expeditions. It has truly been an adventure so far and I plan to start updating this bad boy more and more. In honor of my new city I decided to write a list of things that I enjoy about the great city of Minni-Apples.

1. This city was made for CYCLING

I never have been so blessed with so many bike lanes! Literally, they’re everywhere. To get anywhere in the city I can take 5 different bike lanes or freeways and be on my way. Minneapolis has its own bike freeway that goes across the city and through the woods and pops you out to 50 new coffee shops. And if you do find yourself on a street without that little bike symbol, do not fear! Your passive-aggressive Minnesotans are used to little hipsters like you who roll up your right pant leg and ride a fixed gear, no brakes. You won’t get run over a million times like Joseph-Gordon Levitt does in this 1:30 minute preview of Premium Rush.

At least he's wearing a helmet!

2. Mall of America

Yes, I do know this is the girly-girl at heart speaking out right now but come on, this mall has every store that you can think of along with its own theme park. What more could you ask from a mall? Nothing! I’ve had a chance to experience the mall several times and its simply put, the Minnesota Miracle. Also, if its too cold for you to go outside for a run you can always go inside and run a few laps and come out running about 3-4 miles easy.

like, woah

3. Apple Picking 

Friends, if you have yet to experience the joys of apple picking then I’m sorry to say that you haven’t lived a fulfilling life yet. All you have to do is drive 30 minutes out of the city to an orchard, pay to eat some apple cider donuts and have a cup of cider then you go and pay to pick your own apples only to go home and make apple cider donuts and apple cider. What more could you ask for? Here’s a super adorable picture of me in an apple orchard.

Come look how cute I am

4. Winter Clothes

In previous Texas winters I have looked down upon all of those silly girls who spend hundreds of dollars on fancy coats only to wear them 2 days of the year. Now I get to be one of those silly girls but I have an actual reason! Although I do figure that I’ll by dying in February to break out my shorts but until then I’ll embrace the beauty of a gorgeous coat. In celebration of this, my parents got me my new best friend from Anthropologie.

Oh beautiful coat, how I adore thee!

I just got a job at REI and I cannot wait to splurge a little bit on some cute winter gear. Snow, you will not be feared because I will be well prepared!

5. Fall 

Oh yes, the biggest plus of leaving in Minneapolis are the leaves. Outside of the office is a sea of yellow, green and brown sprinkling down as the wind blows by. When the sun comes down and hits them just right, oh you’re in for a treat.

I caught this bad boy on the ride home from work

Those are just a few of the things that I’ve been digging here in Minneapolis. I’m sure there will be many more to come.


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