Floyd and WALL-E Are Not Related

I’m only good at two video games: Pokemon and Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Other than that, I’m horrible at video games. It might be that I always played with my older sibling who always had to crush me and play better than me so I never got to experience video games on my own (other than Pokemon and Ocarina). So when I encounter video games I have never played before, it can become a little emotional.

This guy made his very own WALL-E. I need one.

Like Lindsay said, we never actually got to meet Floyd. After 3 hours of playing at a time past my bedtime I got too grouchy and frustrated and I flipped over all of the computers in the communication lab. One of the biggest pet peeves about this game is that we had to use the walk through for the entire game. Where is the adventure in that? Sure, it’s funny to scrub floors and “go W” but it’s almost impossible to make it through 5 seconds of the game on your own without dying. If I were to recreate Planetfall I would re-design it so there was more of a set purpose laid out in the game and you could hold more items. Then I wouldn’t have to pick up the walk through (but I do love walk throughs…my Zelda one is still somewhere back at home).

As for Floyd, it hurts my feelings that people relate him to WALL-E. I’ve read about Floyd and he seems annoying and Wall-E could never be annoying, it’s mentally impossible to visual WALL-E as annoying. Also, WALL-E was never However, both of these characters have big, loving hearts and that’s why we feel so much attachment to them. Floyd reminds me more of Navi from Zelda. She would always annoy me and you would sometimes have to use her in the game which just got even more annoying. With Floyd, at least you could skim through his text but with Navi you had to listen to that high pitched, “HEY! LISTEN!” and then she would tell you, “Oh yeah, you should listen to that one guy that already told you to do something.” Navi didn’t even have a heart like Floyd and WALL-E.

If I were to make my own NPC for a game first off, I would stay away from the high pitched voice and opt for something more soothing. Second, I would want my NPC to be extremely sarcastic and witty. Way more entertaining to have around. Finally, I would give him/her a better name than Floyd or Navi. Something strong and cool like Emily or Lindsay or Aaron.


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