My mind just blew up

The David Lynch film, Mulholland Drive, is insane and spectacular. I am still completely confused as to what happened and why it happened but viewing the movie itself is an extreme experience. Even though I hate the creepy feeling that you get from the film, the second I got out of class on Friday I had to see Lynch’s 10 clues. Knowing that Lynch is crazier and more mind blowing than I can imagine- I know the storyline contains more depth than the classical theory founded by Lost on Mulholland Drive. However, that’s the story that makes the most sense to me, the one that I appreciate the most and the one that I’ll agree with. I do appreciate how Lynch supports and loves different theories from his fans, he really loves how the mind tinkers with different ideas.

This reminds me of how some of my friends are obsessed with Lost. My one friend, Laura, will search for all the different rabbit holes to clues about the next season’s episodes or about side story lines to the show. This complex narrative really engages her in every facet. Personally, I don’t dedicate enough time to the television to keep up with complex television shows. I’ll watch a few episodes and get hooked- like Heroes or Lost; but after a few weeks I’ll miss an episode because of some sorority function or ultimate or anything and I’ll lose track of what’s going on.

When I was in junior high and high school I would eat with my family on Sunday evenings and then we would all sit down to watch 60 Minutes and The Simpsons together. After that, I would stay tuned to FOX and watch Arrested Development. I absolutely loved that show. There was a lot that I didn’t understand but I loved it. I liked how every week something new about a character was developing and how I never really understood the time structure, but it made me chuckle. To me, what makes a story complex is how you have to think about things. Like the difference between abstract art and kitsch, Pollock versus some sleazy poster, complex and simple. It makes things more difficult, so if I miss that one episode of Lost and try to skip to the next episode, I won’t understand anything. Entertainment settles in easier when you don’t have to think; that’s why people are attracted to the simple rom-com. However, there will always be the appeal of the complex narrative and that’s why crazy surrealists like Lynch are still kickin’ it.


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